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The Free Press Journal (Mumbai) has been the favourite newspaper for lakhs of readers over the last 9 decades. Over the years the newspaper has reinvented itself to keep pace with contemporary trends and changing dynamics of the market. But even in the ever-changing milieu, one thing has remained constant-the FPJ has always been perceived as a city paper that is anchored in Mumbai’s ethos.

A wholesome newspaper, it gives unalloyed news, incisive analysis and bold editorials to the ever-discerning readers in all age brackets and income groups. And all these for just Rs. TWO! Which is very reasonable and less than scheme price offered by other standard newspapers. No wonder the FPJ is the unanimous choice for the business and trading community keen to catch up with tenders, court notices and corporate advertorials- of both private and public sector undertakings.

TradeBriefs produces 14 daily e-newsletters that go out to an opt-in audience of 1 million subscribers in corporate India. This includes over 100,000 in top management at various companies. We have the attention of these CXOs due to our content and we use that to help generate high-quality leads for businesses. We do so for IBM, Gartner, SAP, The Economist, Godrej and hundreds of other clients.


Construction Mirror provides its readers with quality content and new business opportunities related to the Infrastructure and Construction Industry. Roads & Bridges, Lubricants, Airports, Scaffolding, Roofing, PEB, Mining, Cement, Steel, Transports, Logistics & Warehousing,Construction Equipment. Along with Cover story, Interviews of the top leaders. Tenders & New Projects.

The Property Times provides with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the Property industry including news and reports on property market outlook, analysis, property market news, education, promotion of the craft and knowledge on regulatory advocacy.

Founder & Managing Editor: K Altaf Hussain Contact: +91 9591100992, +91 08041156483

I-Tech Media is a publishing company focused on variety of monthly magazines for different verticals. ACE Update, B2B Purchase, EPR & OEM Update are well-known monthly magazines in India.

ACE Update - Premier monthly magazine for architects and construction industry professionals. It is India’s most popular specialised magazine that provides news, analysis and technology updates on pre-construction, construction and post construction activities.

The magazine covers an array of subjects like site survey, designing, modelling, construction, building materials, paints and coatings, equipment, interior, fenestration, roofing, HVAC, lighting, energy management, resource management, tiles, sanitary ware, structural audit, maintenance, waterproofing and rehabilitation.

Supporting Association

Builders’ Association of India (BAI), founded in 1941, is an apex all India body of Engineering Construction Contractors and Real Estate Construction Companies, with more than 15,000 business entities as members through its 148+ Centres (Chapters) throughout the country. Regional Associations Affiliated to BAI form indirect membership of more than 1,00,000. The fundamental aim of the Association is to bring about all round improvement in the construction sector, while striving towards resolution of operational as well as policy level problems faced by the construction industry. This involves making efforts to obtain from policy makers and authorities, the level of attention that the construction industry deserves in view of its tremendous contribution and importance to the economy.